Fran Kaufman Photo

Fran Kaufman Photo

"Joe Alterman combines outstanding musical technique with infectious enthusiasm for his work. I've seen him fill a room with joy as his skill at the keyboard combines seamlessly with his delightful and appealing onstage personality. Young Alterman is one fine, first-class entertainer.” - Dick Cavett

 "All the musicians who are now considered jazz legends played there [Birdland]: Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Lester Young, Count Basie, Oscar Peterson and Duke Ellington, among others. Alterman would have been able to hold his own jamming with any of them." — Nat Hentoff

"Joe Alterman, although much younger than I, is an inspiration to me! His piano playing, his will to explore and his ability to swing is something to behold. God bless him!"— Ramsey Lewis

"Little Joe - yeah, that's what I call him, 'cause I am big and he is tiny, but only in stature. As a man and a musician he is already a giant. His zeal for life and learning is the perfect formula for taking our music to new levels. Right now, hes young. Right now, he gets it. He is on the verge of fully becoming himself. Little Joe, my man...He beeza bad MF. He is a true inspiration to me."— Les McCann

"Joe Alterman is doing his part to keep alive the art of the swinging trio. He is a wonderful pianist whose playing brings smiles and good feelings to his listeners - as he has caused me to experience when I heard his enjoyable album." - Monty Alexander

"Joe is, for me, absolutely one of the most musically enjoyable, swingingest Jazz pianists who can be heard playing today. Everything about his genuine love and affinity for the spirit and essence of straight-ahead Jazz and blues shines through his piano. Joe plays, arranges and improvises with a wholly honest and compelling depth of feeling, a gift of melodic substance, the ability to communicate with an economy of superfluous notes and an abundance of warm, honest to goodness soul. Joe always swings his tail off, honors the heritage of the Jazz language and the voices of his astutely-chosen influences, as well as conveying the spontaneity of the moment. He conveys his musical ideas with a rare kind of directness and clarity and has so much fun in what he’s doing, never failing to bring the listener along for the ride. Joe's music sings with tremendous, unpretentious joy in every brilliant note - he is not to be missed!" - Benny Green

"Joe has a great sense of what is most meaningful in the history and tradition of our music, and a real solid musical vision of where he wants to take it."— Houston Person

“Pianist Joe Alterman pulls off one of the rarer feats in modern jazz: he swings — hard.” – Downbeat Magazine

"With all the amazing new keyboardists cropping up (like Jonathan Batiste, Aaron Diehl and Joe Alterman), it seems like the new decade is a golden age of jazz piano - or at least of exciting new jazz pianists." - Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal

"Joe Alterman literally ROCKED the house when he played Jazz in the Box at GPAC! I don't think I've ever seen an artist DANCE with the piano like Joe does ... absolutely amazing to watch and hear!" - Deni Hirsch, Director of Development - Germantown Performing Arts Center, Memphis

 "Joe Alterman has tremendous taste and a passionate respect for swing and space. His touch on the keyboard is reminiscent of pianists from earlier years who listened carefully, felt expressively and actually cared about what the listener heard. Joe is a remarkable swinger and poet." — Marc Myers,

“The new Harry Connick.” — Linda Lorence Critelli, vice president, SESAC

"Great night. Your trio was excellent. Loved the vibe, music and professionalism." - Gianni Valenti, Owner - Birdland, NYC

“A pianistic wunderkind whose style recalls the elegantly swinging trappings of artists like Erroll Garner and Red Garland, Joe Alterman quickly made his mark as a swiftly rising talent following the release of his 2009 debut album Piano Tracks, Vol. 1. Eschewing the well-mined vein of hard bop favored amongst today’s younger players in favor of a more rounded vintage technique, Alterman brandishes a lyrical pianistic touch and an intuitive sense of swing that are a uniquely wonderful joy to hear. Alterman’s remarkable gifts are enough to reassure anyone that the future of jazz is in good hands.” — Hot House Jazz Magazine, March 2012