WNYC Nat Hentoff Mention

I was thrilled to hear my name on WNYC Radio yesterday during legendary writer Nat Hentoff's interview on the Brian Lehrer Show

At around 20:30, Hentoff says: "The last piece I did for them [The Wall Street Journal] - I'm so glad I had a chance to do it - is about a 24 year old pianist and composer named Joe Alterman, who is really the personification of the past of jazz - he's really deep into that -, the present of jazz - he has his own voice - and that leads him into the future of jazz, and he's so important in terms of the validity of jazz. Whenever he has a record date he tries to get as a sideman the tenor saxophonist Houston Person, whom I've also written about for the journal. He's in his late 70's; he knows not only how to swing, but he's one of the most lyrical jazz players ever. So here we have the 24 year-old and the 70 [year old] and they make recordings that - to use the phrase that Duke Ellington really had a chance to use - they're 'beyond category' because they're timeless." 

Mr. Hentoff is one of my biggest heroes in life and I feel deeply honored that he feels that way.