Wonderful Review of Concert w/Les McCann in Montecito Journal

I'm extremely honored to read this very kind review of this past June's seriously fun concert with one of my biggest heroes and influences, the one and only Dr. Les McCann, in the current issue of Santa Barbara's Montecito Journal. As you all probably know by now, Les and his music means so much to me and I know I'll always look back on that concert as one of the highlights of my life.
Many thanks to Erin Graffy for the very kind words!

"When Les played in New York at the Blue Note, an extraordinary newcomer, Alterman, was opening. Les liked what he heard and arranged with Peter for Joe to come out to Santa Barbara. They planned to do "Gus Gus", a song Les said he first recorded 50 years ago. Les explained to the packed house that he and Joe held their rehearsals long distance over the phone - and hinted we were in for a surprise.

We were.

Joe tore up the piano, bounced off the keys, and flew up and down the octaves, as if there was simply not enough time to get all the music and rhythm out of his fingers. What a sensation! If piano is a drug, Joe is happily and deliriously addicted, and he uninhibitedly squeezed and pounded out every sound and sensation until he seemed to run out of keys. He had such a deeply innate sense of rythm underlying every note, that he almost made the piano part of the percussion. Les looked straight out to the audience and gritted his teeth in a delightfully big smile as if to say, 'Oh, yeah...and I found him first!'"