Joe Alterman

Joe Alterman

"When listening to Joe Alterman perform, it is obvious that he has studied the history of jazz piano. However, his own style of playing is appealing, challenging and quite satisfying."—Ramsey Lewis

"Joe is a true inspiration to me. He is a part of the next generation of great jazz musicians who care and he is going to go somewhere with his music."—Les McCann

"Joe has a great sense of what is most meaningful in the history and tradition of our music, and a real solid musical vision of where he wants to take it."—Houston Person

"Talk about the joy of jazz!...It's a pleasure to hear this music...You've got it!" —Nat Hentoff, from "Joe Alterman Strikes A Chord," published in the Wall Street Journal on May 1, 2013

"Joe Alterman has tremendous taste and a passionate respect for swing and space. His touch on the keyboard is reminiscent of pianists from earlier years who listened carefully, felt expressively and actually cared about what the listener heard. Joe is a remarkable swinger and poet."
Marc Myers,

"The young Alterman's heart is undeniably in the right place, and so is his playing."
Todd Barkan, legendary record producer

“The new Harry Connick.”
Linda Lorence Critelli, vice president, SESAC

"Sondheim's song urges us all to "learn how to bounce," which I know is a commendable skill - but young Joe Alterman already knows how. Welcome!"
Michael Steinman,

"Although there are stretches where his use of dynamics and space recalls Ahmad Jamal, Alterman sounds like himself...[He] displays a lot of originality in his playing, even on the more familiar standards, and his ideas are full of life, spirit and little surprises."
Scott Yanow, jazz journalist, author, and historian

"A prodigiously talented musician with plenty of jazz "chops" but doesn't overwhelm, just plays the music. I look forward to hearing great things from this guy."
Don Emanuel,

"Joe Alterman is fresh face in the piano trio continuum—a young artist with respect for both the tradition and swing in the marrow of his bones...Piano Tracks, Volume 1 is a superb debut, announcing the arrival of Joe Alterman as a rising jazz star."
Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz


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